My first Burda envelope

I’ve been a dedicated La Maison Victor sewist ever since I (really) started sewing – which was about a year ago. If it wasn’t for the Belgian La Maison Victor’s extensive instructions, I’m pretty sure that my third attempt to sew would have stranded too.



But it didn’t, because LMV helped me to take things step by step and show every (!) step with a clear picture. Thank you La Maison Victor. But sometimes, you just want to try something else, right?

I’ve tried Burda before (there’s a blogpost about that attempt), and it wasn’t too bad, but still Burda’s instructions tend to scare me off and then I’m grabbing my ever perfect LMV patterns again, throwing my few Burdastyle magazines in a far corner of my sewing den.

This time though, I deliberately tried something Burda even though there’s a quite similar LMV pattern available for sewing a pair of loose fit pants. And for the first time ever,I bought a separate pattern, you know, that thing in an envelope (being Dutch and thus said to be frugal, that’s a thing, because hey, I could get a magazine FULL of patterns for less than the price of the envelope).
img_3199Although the instructions weren’t what I am used to, I started tracing the pattern (instead of just cutting it, there’s the Dutchie in me again – but I’d just like to reuse the pattern later on, maybe for someone else who has a different size and also, I make my patterns out of clear plastic trash bags). Anyway: first, I had to determine my size.

Well, that freaked the hell out of me. I followed the sizing charts that came with the pattern, and found out that Burda adviced me to make a size 44. 44! That’s three sizes bigger than my usual size! ‘Oh well’, I thought, ‘nobody will be able to tell my size anyway, there won’t be a tag or something’. And I cut size 44, even though it seemed way too huge. I smartly decided to make a muslin, for I was pretty sure this would not be THE perfect size.

Long story short:I made the muslin – like quick and dirty and even too lame to change the thread color in my sewing machine, which is so NOT like me – fitted it, laughed and pat myself on the shoulder and say: ‘Your guts rock!’. Ergo: it was WAY too big. As in: I could almost fit both my legs in one leg. As in: this could be a ‘before gastric bypass’ kind of picture.

I did have fun. And to be honest: I was too lazy to take it off, so I ended up wearing the thing all night, until it sat on my ankles for being so so big. I decided to cut two sizes smaller (I’ll do that some other time) and then see what would be left to tailor. And I breathed with relief: I’m not three sizes bigger than I thought I was. It makes no sense, but obviously numbers seem to just do something with the mind (at least they do with mine).

Do you have any funny sizing experience? Or do you have a super duper Burdastyle tip? Please share it in the comments!

PS: somewhat later I discovered that the pattern had seam allowances included. I feel like a total amateur right now!



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