Pins, podcasts and a pretty dress

It’s a short one, as there hasn’t been too much sewing (related stuff) in my life last week. But that’s okay!


First off, I got this cute pumpkin-y wrist pincushionin the mail. I bought this one as my Prym wrist cushion is starting to wear off (already… I’ve had it for six months or so, so I’m a bit disappointed in the quality). But I forgot that my Prym cushion has a hard bottom, which prevents you from pinning yourself in the wrist. And since I’m using long quilting pins (the yellow ‘flowers’ you see in the picture) I have pinned myself in the wrist already because they go all the way through. Also, the velcro on Prym’s cushion is quite handy, as I have small wrists. The pumpkin seems to be dancing around a bit.


As you can see, this one’s loosing quite a lot of its volume. I have no idea where it went. It’s just not where it should be anymore. But at least with this one I won’t hurt myself. If you have a supergreat tip for a non-dangerous wrist pincushion, I’d LOVE to hear it. I guess it would be okay to make one myself…?


If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out the great Love to Sew podcast! I’m falling a bit behind in listening, but I’m totally cool with that, because I love to have some episodes in stock 🙂 In this episode, Helen and Caroline talk about their trip to Camp Workroom Social. I so much enjoyed listening to all the stories about their sewing camp! As I got a bit jealous at so much sewing enthusiasm, I wondered if something like this exists in the Netherlands. But immediately I thought I’d never go on a sewing camp, with sleepovers and all that, I’m probably just too introvert to survive such a thing. By the way, you can find the podcast here.


Last but not least, I blogged about the Ebony dressI’ve sewn on Monday. I think I’ve been wearing it three days over the last week. It’s so super comfy and warm and easy! If you want to read the blog: it’s here.

That’s it for this week. See you around!

X Lianne




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