Sewing Weekly — lots of shopping and I won a prize!

For me, this week was all about getting my sewjo back (I’m always worried that my sewjo completely evaporates when I don’t sew for two weeks or so, although of course it never does). So this week I had to give myself a bit of a boost.


I ordered this cute scissors necklace a few weeks ago. I wish I could say it’s fancy handcrafted and all silver, but I’m afraid it’s just cheap Chinese stuff and not even silver plated (I bought it at, in case you’re interested too). With these kind of internet orders, you never know when you’re gonna get it and I got mine last Thursday. Surprise 🙂 And I love it! I usually don’t wear necklaces, but this one reminds me of my passion for sewing and therefore I actually wear it.


Last weekend, I was completely surprised by winning a prize! I had entered the #cosycardichallengelast month (click hashtag to see my contribution), but I never knew there were actual prizes involved. Turned out that I won this superfab workshop of my choicewith Sew Over It! I picked the online class for sewing & fitting trousers, because, boy, sewing fitted pants is something I’ve been putting off for way too long now. Thank you Lisa & co for providing with this great prize!


Every Tuesdaythere’s a fabric market in the streets of Eindhoven. I guess there’s about ten stalls providing a good choice of fabrics at great values, plus some haberdashery stalls. I decided to buy whatever I wanted and supplied myself with a bit of a stash, so that I can take up a project whenever I like. I used to be proud of my *sort of* non existing stash, but I found out that having stuff to choose from is way better.


On Wednesday– after having some rough weeks with no sewing at all – I decided life’s too short to not to be doing stuff that you love. I made this Ebony teefrom Closet Case Files, and I was lucky enough to be able to squeeze it out of a few super soft scraps I had laying around. A good first try at this one, more coming soon!


At FridayI got these wonder clips in the mail. Ordered them at too, for a ridiculously low price (about 0,85 euros), so I just went for it and went wild (…) and bought one set of twenty clips. Of course I immediately regretted only getting one pack. But I have about 50 of them now, so I guess that’ll do.


I also did some prepping for the Ebony tee dressI’m making out of this super cozy dark green velvet I bought Tuesday. It’s just a matter of sewing the pieces together now. Can’t wait to have this snug dress! I’m not sure what to expect from the heavy velvet combined  with this pattern, but even if it’s a bit too much, I can always wear it at home and snuggle up underneath it at the couch 😉 (It was a bit hard to get the color of this fabric right in the picture, because it’s super dark).

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