Starring… the topstitching needle

It’s funny how I always feel like I don’t sew as much as I want, while in fact I sew about three pieces a month. I think it’s because of the fact that my sewing has been a little quick & dirty lately. I haven’t really dived into making something super special and haven’t been too dedicated, so it feels. Yet I’ve done stuff last week.


This week, I discovered the absolute indispensability of a topstitching needle.Last summer, I’ve sewn my Cleo dungaree dress (pattern from Tilly & the Buttons) out of quite a heavy herringbone – beautiful! – denim. I topstitched as prescribed, but at that time didn’t know that I should use a topstitching needle and I could tell from the sounds my machine made (whoooops…. no, it wasn’t pretty and yes, I was scared the whole machine would break).


It’s a thick needle with a bigger hole, so it really guides your topstitching thread through the fabric.


This week I shortened my Cleo dungareesand I used the dedicated needle I bought for making jeans (they’re yet to come) (some day) (when I’ve found the guts). In the Netherlands we have this expression that something cuts like a warm knife through butter. Ergo: it went so super smooth! It was a joy to topstitch. Although it was just a hem, so no really thick parts were involved. But still. Anyways, I shortened the dress and I wore it for an entire day. Which is more than last summer, when I only wore it for a few hours and felt super uncomfortable in it. Like being naked in an apron. It feels so much better with thick tights and in fact, I might make another one, possibly in a stretchy corduroy (and size down).

Speaking of topstitching thread. This is what happened. I had *just* enough left to finish my hem! Living on the edge, seamstress style.

I don’t work on Mondays and since a few months, it turns out to be my kinda ‘set’ sewing day. I like to have this kind of scheduled sewing time, where I know I don’t have to do something else (sometimes I feel guilty when I sew days in a row, because everything and everyone else will be neglected and I tend to push through, even though my head goes crazy and so it’s not too healthy). I carve time out for myself and it feels good. Honestly, in fact it’s a necessity, mental health wise, to plan stuff, look forward to it and go for it, and also to let go when I’m done.

Anyways, this Monday I’ve sewn my second Ebony tee. Quick and easy, and however I’m aware of the fact that there probably are more flattering silhouettes for me, I absolutely love it because it’s super comfy and also kind of comforting because of the velvet. I’ll probably blog about the Ebony tee later, but if you want to read more about sewing with velvet, here’s my experience & tips!

Up next weekis (hopefully) glueing the PDF pattern of the Named Helmi tunic together. Or maybe I’ll start with my Deer & Doe Lupin jacket..? I haven’t decided yet. Maybe there’ll be some fabric shopping on Tuesday. I really want to make pants. And yoga clothes. But there’s too little time to make it all!

See you next week (or sooner)!

X Lianne

PS: I’ve watched this great Battle of the Free Tops-video by the Stitch Sisters and now I definitely wanna make a Deer & Doe Plantain tee soon. The pattern has been in my PDF-stash for a few months already, but now I’m really convinced I wanna make one!

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